Welcome To Your Payer Player Team Builder Page!

By now, you are probably a Payer Player or you will be soon. You were invited here from my Squidoo Lens or found this page from my ShaqPlayer page. I created this page to welcome you to the team. This is where you can get some great ideas about how to make the most out of what this social network has to offer. Also, I welcome your questions and comments both here and at that Player community. We are at the dawn of a new age in social networking. Its nice to have you onboard to ride this spectacular wave.

What is the big deal about Payer Player?

There is a huge buzz about Payer Player among the social networks. People either take one look at the video and they can see right away why this is thee most exciting thing to come to the web in a long time. Or, they look at the video and ask themselves, "What's the big deal??". While it should be obvious, some people require an explanation because social networking might not be all that exciting for them.

First of all, lets examine the intent behind the software and compensation that is offered to members. While the design of the software may seem similar to that of other social networks, it is far different. After Shaquille O'Neal walks onto your computer desktop (virtually) and says a few words to you, mentions that you haven't referred anyone lately, reminds you that you are getting paid or just makes you laugh, you will be able to open your Payer Player and step into an active communications megacenter. You can check out who is online, where your friends are in mulitiple social spaces at once (including Facebook and others). You can watch television shows in a variety of categories, play video games, play against other members online, communicate with the thousands of people who spilled into your network from Shaquille's huge following. Meet new people locally or abroad for the purpose of making friends, lifelong partners, or business connections. That is just a short description of what can be done for those who are not making a living from social networking.

So what does affiliate marketing, internet marketing, online and off line business have to do with the Payer Player?

For those who are (or would like to begin) making a living off of social networking, the potential to start or increase existing income online is maginified with Payer Player. Why? Well, for starters... everyone knows that one of the key efforts to master with making money online is listbuilding. Anyone who is doing any kind of marketing, or owns a website, dropshipping businesses, ebay etc... will miss out on huge potential profits if they are not doing effective listbuilding. Growing a healthy subscriber list of people who refer to you as a master in your niche, is absolutely necessary on the web. Payer Player allows you to do this almost by default. As the company grows in memberships, many of the fans of Shaquille O'Neal (and other celebrities coming on board...sorry I cannot mention them yet) will spill into your network if you position yourself well in the groundfloor. You will be able to view the usernames, and visit the profiles of the people that accumulate in your network.

In most other social spaces, you have to join groups, try to get "friends" and market your profile page. With Payer Player, you have an instant family of connected members in your downline growing by the numbers. If they are paying the small membership fee of $9.95 per month, you are also getting paid a percentage of monthly spending on an unlimited number of people. This makes the membership worth buying into. These are people you can connect with, show off your product, opportunity, website, MLM, articles, etc. Would it be worth your time to help a few people expand their networks like you have? Of course because the more you help them, the more you help yourself. So what does affiliate marketing, internet marketing, online and off line business have to do with the Payer Player? It has everything to do with it. For this reason, you will also be able to use your Payer Player to do video conferencing, group training meetings in chat, group presentations, upload powerpoint or other demos for your audience, create clickable links and banners within your page, design your blog space. In a nutshell, you will be able to do everything that can be done in Myspace or other networks, PLUS ten times more- and be compensated for your membership.

"All the technology and fun is cool, but is it really worth it to become a "Payer" and subscribe for $9.95 per month?"

Someone asked me this a few days ago. I had to be careful in my reply. She was looking for an honest answer, not some biased opinion that sounded like a sales pitch. I respected that. So, I gave her an answer that was based purely on mathematics. Numbers dont lie. Numbers are not emotional figures. They are just numbers. So my reply to her was the same as this:

Ask yourself this question : Would you like to get paid only on the people you refer, and not on everyone that is referred from them, and their friend's friends and so on? How would you like to think that you helped grow a network on various levels and you cannot be paid the extra 3 or 4 residual figures per month because you didnt become a "Payer" and put up the monthly $9.95? Your first five referrals would earn you $12.50 residually. Would you be willing to pay $9.95 each month in exchange for $12.50 each month plus all the monthly cash for the network growing beneath you? Or would you like to keep your $9.95 each month, plus still get paid for your personal referrals only, and miss out on all the cash accumulating from the network beneath you? For some it sounds like "a no-brainer", but for others... it is a complicated decision.

After I explained this to her, she said, "Well Kia, its true these numbers dont lie, but they evoke some real emotions for me". I didnt understand what she meant or where she was coming from. I asked her why she said that. She went on to explain, "Well, I keep thinking how I would like to buy a bike for my son, my daughter needs braces and I dont have health insurance. I cannot afford it. I have a discount plan for my kids but if we get really sick, we cannot afford the bills, the rejection from specialists... it is overwhelming. If I could get just an extra $300 per month, it would be great." I told her that I understand completely, but we must respect the fact that there are people out there (even in today's economy) that would not like or benefit from any extra income. They are all set. They have their pent house suite on Wall Street, or multiple homes in nice places. In that case, perhaps Payer Player would not be right for them. I referred her to an article that I wrote that gives at least 10 Reasons why a person should NOT join Payer Player.

As for me, I am an affiliate marketer, working towards Guru-Status... it is what I do. Sure, my office would not run smoothly without me there and my boss would screw up appointments if I wasn't nagging him to remind him of the schedule I prepared for him.. but after I leave my office, after I mother my son and take care of my husband at the end of the day... I do marketing. If Payer Player had not come along, I would still be doing multiple other things. In fact, I still do multiple other things. I just love that I now have one central location from which to extract the full potential of internet marketing. Now I will have that extra cash to thrust into my Google adwords campaigns and suck out even more profits from my carefully selected niche keywords. Now I can be apart of historical moments in internet history and I got in on the ground floor. How wealthy would you be now if you owned shares in Microsoft, Google, Yahoo or Facebook AT THE VERY BEGINNING? Once in a while a similar opportunity comes along. Here it comes again with Payer Player.

Who's in? Who's out? Who is going to miss the boat?

Can you imagine that still there are many people out there who will miss the boat? Some people will miss it because they are not fond of the internet and they keep company with like-minded folks. It is not their time to pull in extra residual income perhaps. Hopefully, a different opportunity that tickles their happy spot will come along for them. They will never even hear about Payer Player until they read a financial success magazine or turn on Oprah (Yes, I said Oprah... look out they might be on her show). Others, will miss out because they are fearful, skeptical or just too lazy to investigate for their own sake and they will Knowlingly miss the boat. The easiest way to decide if you should become a Payer Player is to ask yourself what you want, what you need, what you like. Then see if you can use Payer Player to help you get it. Would reaching out to new prospects, leads and customers help you? Would getting more traffic to your website, product or opportunities help you? Would extra residual income help you pay some things off or fill a savings account?

Would it be relaxing to drive traffic to your affiliate website while watching a fun show you havent seen in years? If so, then I would expect to see you on the inside of Payer Player.

"Ok What If I Need Help??"

"Ok so I want to use Payer Player to help me make money, but I am new to this concept. I dont know how to connect with people. I dont know how to set up "affiliate" stuff. I dont know about "driving traffic" to a website. I am a newbie and clue less. I need help"

I actually got an email recently from a young man who read my Squidoo lens and he got excited, but then overwhelmed because he felt like other people will know how to us Payer Player in the strengthen their online business, and he would be left out in the cold, unable to make anything happen for himself. I quoted the text above from his email because I think a lot of people can relate to that feeling. That brings me to the point about "Who You Join" with in Payer Player. Because Payer Player has a compensation plan that is multilevel in nature, it would be in your best interest to join with someone or a group of people who intend to help you accomplish what you want. First you need to clearly know what you want and have a desire to help yourself. The people I joined with are folks who I have worked on other projects with and we have helped one another tremendously. They have developed me into an aggressive SEO and marketing nerd. I have trained them on creative monetization and other things. We are a team.

Together, we specialize in reaching out to newbies and helping people achieve goals in generating online income. One of my team mates is Pastor Marcus Brewer. His brain is a gold mine. He showed me a trick that landed me on page one in Google for my keywords within 5 minutes! We are currently developing a training blog that includes video recorded webinars, live scheduled day and evening webinars throughout the week, pdf files, exercises and daily regimens that can be done to secure the success of even the greenest newbie to internet marketing. If you become a Payer Player, it is in your best interest to associate with people who share your vision and goals. Likewise, it is in your best interest to be a blessing to others whenever you can. Finally, you can join Shaq in putting a positive spin on the meaning of the word, "Player". It symbolizes fellowship, communication and networking. Get your spot if you think you have what it takes to be a true, Payer Player.